Anonymous whispered: Pink Floyd live in Washington 1971, look it up!


A terrific show! November 16 at Washington, DC’s Lisner Auditorium.

This is a very interesting time in Pink Floyd’s career. They had played the shows in Pompeii the month before (October 4-7), and released Meddle on October 30. Just a couple of weeks later, they would begin recording Dark Side of The Moon. (The earliest of those December sessions in Paris appear in the film Live At Pompeii.) 

There are a couple of very listenable bootlegs of DC 1971 this show floating around. The Process of Creation and Return of the Sons of Nothing are two of them.


Fat Old Sun and Eugene are separate releases for the first and second sets that night, respectively. I especially like the Eugene cover photo, even in this nasty lo-res version. Shirtless Dave in profile! No need to gild the lilly.



And here’s a treat for you: an audio-only YouTube clip of the whole show!

The recording definitely shows its age, and this is far from an ideal start to your Pink Floyd boot-listening experience, but my dear Anon, you’re quite right! Fans who are up for a deep dive into Pink Floyd in the short window between Meddle and Dark Side of the Moon will get a kick out of this!

Thanks for the tip! And any of the rest of you who are up for chatting about specific shows from 1971 — or any time else — sing out!

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